"In a modern world where veterans and first-responders are seeking purpose and meaning more than ever, Matt Ingold brings his experience and passion to a life changing program."


There is nothing else out there like it."

CEO, Dynamis Alliance

Host, The Will to Fight Podcast

Veteran, Navy Seal Team Six



In 2008, while serving as a Marine platoon commander in Afghanistan, I had my worst day when I dropped a bomb inadvertently killing eight innocent civilians.


In that moment, I couldn’t imagine ever living a normal life again.


Today, more than a decade later, I can say with confidence and with God’s grace that I’ve experienced a healing beyond coping, and an orientation to a new battlefield.


Since then, it’s been my aim to assist my brothers and sisters in the military and first-responder communities to navigate the difficult challenges we face on the job and find the same hope, healing, and meaning that I’ve discovered in light of my adversity, not in spite of it.




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Everyone has a giant to face, or a lion to fight. Warrior’s Redemption provided a platform to illuminate my mission in a totally unexpected way.


USMC Iraq Veteran and Firefighter

 When we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, how can we expect to meet the requirements of our service? Every first-responder should make this small investment in themselves and their family and experience this.​


Battalion Chief, Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue

As a combat veteran and a retired firefighter, this program gave practical tools for real growth that every first responder should know. I'm going through a second time with a friend. Well worth it.


USMC Desert Storm Veteran and Firefighter

What is Warrior's Redemption?

Warrior’s Redemption is an online self-development course for veterans, first-responders, and their spouses delivering an orientation to the interior battlefield and providing skills and education to help them avoid or overcome moral injury and live a full and integrated life.


Whether you have experienced struggles on the job yourself or watched a brother or sister go through it, this course serves as a guide toward discovering deep purpose and meaning, especially amidst the challenges we face in the line of duty.

Why Warrior's Redemption

  • Rediscover Purpose and a Worthy Battle

    Redirect your warrior spirit to the worthy battle you were always meant to fight.

  • Gain Clarity On Your Full Story 

    Discover how to transform even the worst adversity we can experience into a gift.

  • Learn How To Manage Your Mind

    A skill most are never taught but everyone needs to know to stay focused on the right battle.

  • Join an Elite Growth-Minded Community

    Battle shoulder-to-shoulder toward growth with a like-minded and supportive community.

About the Course Creator

With over seven years in the USMC, Matt Ingold served as an Infantry Platoon Commander on two deployments in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia, and finished his career as a leadership instructor at the Marine Corps’ Basic School.


Passionate about working with veterans, he served as a retreat leader helping men recover from trauma and is a national presenter on topics of healing and post-traumatic growth. His healing story has been produced in one documentary film, Taking the Hill, and shared with thousands of men worldwide in the online retreat program, RISE®.


Warrior's Redemption is an effort to further the movement of veterans and first-responders taking responsibility for their own by empowering them to understand and communicate the battle of their interior life so they can enter conversations that bring about true healing and growth.

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